With due respect and appreciation that sports offers many metaphors, it seems a bit dismissive to compare the ‘harm’ done to fans of a team not offered a particular berth in national standings to the indignities and unsafe conditions that present daily to those of us with disabilities.

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Well Said ! Well Said !

As a Canadian Football Fan, former Varsity player & sportsman - I was disgusted by the Insulting ‘excuse to exclude’ FSU Seminoles - because their #1 Quarterback was injured - As if football is not a Team Game & Reflection of the University & Athletic Progam

As well, we hear & read daily of continued failure to fulfill Fundamental Responsibilities & Requirements within Community & Society as a whole.

I plan to focus my interest on FSU this Bowl Season ..

My choice as National Champions - Win Or Lose

You are a champion ! Well done !! 🦎🏴‍☠️

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I would love to hear more about your Amtrak experience. My boyfriend has CP and travels from NY to Charlotte to visit me often and he has had a heck of a time, especially with the bathrooms. The accessible bathrooms never work and his travel to NY is over 12 hours. It is crazy. Of course there are other issues such as having to buy two seats if he would like to sit in a seat - he has to either pay for a scooter spot where he has to sit in his scooter for 12 hours or buy a scooter spot and a seat if he would like to transfer during the trip. Plus, there is difficulty with assistance and rude personnel.

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Reservations were made for my whole family at the best steakhouse in town. We had just moved here. We arrived at the restaurant only to find it was downstairs in a basement. The manager said they could carry my wheelchair down the steps. “We do it all the time”, he said. I could only think am I crazy enough to trust complete strangers to guarantee my safety? No! After an email to the city offices, I found the restaurant had been grandfathered in because of age. We ate at a different place but it was quite disappointing. Nothing on their website indicated a downstairs location.


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I feel ya. I traveled with my wheels to New Orleans, London, Amsterdam and Dublin, and I was happily surprised at how accommodating the conditions were. I’d love to share more. Now, l’m bummed the Ducks lost again to the Huskies.

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Thank you for writing this. It is the perfect metaphor for what I feel my son endures each and every day. Your words could educate the masses who have no clue as to what people with disabilities live with.

Recently, we had a terrible experience of a ‘resort’ claiming to be accessible. Even after 2 express discussions about our need for a roll in shower, we were sadly disappointed. My son had to enter the room from the back after driving wc over grass and dirt . People do not understand and at this ‘resort’ seemed not to care bc they complied with ADA rules.

Things need to change and your words will help. Thank you and God bless you.

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