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I noticed that you will be traveling to Las Vegas next year. Recently, we returned from a trip to Las Vegas from a medical appointment. I planned to take my new Culver power whee lchair but it stopped working before my very first use. (By the way do not waste money on a Culver power wheelchair. My new Culver wheelchair did not work because of a problem in the electrical system and Culver did not respond to my many calls, messages and emails. In checking, many of us have written the same story about Culver.) Please avoid the Rio. It was a nightmare. I used my walker as my new wheelchair had broken down prior to its first use. Waiting in line was between 30 to 60 minutes even in the middle of the night. The walk to the elevator leads you through the casino to the elevator. A very long walk. The food was awful. I had called customer service ahead of time to see if we could check in before we arrived, but there was no one available to help after being transferred three times and a 30-minute wait. When I ran into another handicapped couple, we all agreed it was a mistake to go to the Rio despite its low rates with a large hidden resort fee.

I hope it is ok to comment on our experiences but wanted to warn other handicapped travelers of the mistakes I have made.

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